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Master's Course

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 The Medical Science Program provides systematic training from an early stage in a variety of medical and treatments issues, including life science, for individuals coming from a range of different fields, including the natural sciences (physics, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and engineering), and the humanities (psychology, sociology, economics, education, etc.), with a view to cultivating specialists who can creatively engage in their fields as researchers, educators, and medical and social welfare industry professionals, and as specialists in the social welfare and public sector spheres. In addition, students who advance to our Doctorate program are trained as researchers and educators capable of independent, creative thinking. We also offer both daytime and evening classes with a certain number of spots resaved for working people. Our Master of Nursing Program aims to train both nursing field educators and practitioners who are capable of engaging in a broad range of nursing work and responding to a diverse array of needs, who can provide required nursing services to meet daily needs, including at medical institutions, who strive to improve the Quality of Life (QOL) of patients and who have the capacity to take the perspective of the patient, who possess both the knowledge and skill to solve nursing care issues and process information, and who can make contributions to the field of nursing based in a solid foundation.