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Message from the Dean

Tetsuro Sugiura
M.D., Ph.D.
Dean, Kochi Meducal School

 Kochi Medical School opened its door in 1976 with two fundamental philosophies, “Revere the Divine, Love Humanity” and “Search for Truth”. Started with Medical Course, Kochi Medical School established Nursing Course in 1998 and has been developing and improving its functions as the only institution of higher medical education in Kochi Prefecture that fosters doctors and nurses. It was integrated into the former Kochi University in 2003, approved as an independent administrative institution in the following year and became Kochi Medical School, National University Corporation Kochi University. Since its foundation, 3,034 doctors and 950 nurses have graduated from Kochi Medical School and have been playing important roles in various fields of medical services and education. Also, quite a few graduates have chosen to work as members of the teaching staff of our school and they have been actively supporting student education, research activities and medical treatments. In the meantime, 505 graduate students in Medicine Course (doctoral course), 142 in Medical Science Course (master’s course) and 136 Nursing Science Course (master’s course) have completed their courses in the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences and were awarded their degrees. They have become competent human resources who contribute to the development of academic research in Japan.

 The medical school hospital is a training institution to provide medical students with basic clinical education and medical graduates with initial training of specialized fields in order for them to become doctors qualified to assume vital roles in medical services in the future. It is important for our medical school to secure doctors and nurses who are highly motivated to engage themselves in community medicine in Kochi Prefecture. In order to foster excellent doctors, it is essential to have comprehensive and systematic programs, which includes basic clinical education, clinical clerkship, initial clinical training, and specialty training. We also have systematic training program for nursing students, which provide them with basic education of clinical medicine, novice nursing staff with Kochi style on-the-job training and mid-career nursing staff with Kochi style practical training. In addition, we offer a support system for them to be officially qualified as specialized nurses in Kochi Medical School Hospital. All the teaching and medical staffs of Kochi Medical School and Kochi Medical School Hospital are trying their best to make these programs successful and to meet the demands of local community.

 Kochi Medical School Hospital, since its foundation in 1981, has been aiming to realize our principles, “the promotion of state-of-the-art health care which is closely related to the local community” and “the fostering of medical personnel with a rich sense of humanity”. New hospital wards opened in April, 2015, as the initial step in a project for the redevelopment of our medical school hospital. This project, in collaboration with Kochi Medical School, will be of much help to the overall progress of community medicine. Center for Innovative and Translational Medicine (CITM), in cooperation with researchers and medical students, has been playing a leading role in promoting creative and forward-looking research and technological development in medical science and treatment. We regard these research achievements and the improvement of the hospital functions that will be brought about by the redevelopment project as very important driving force for the progress of the medical world in the future. Taking full advantage of these key factors, we will surely make every effort to foster human resources, provide better medical care and perform further research so that we will be able to make an extensive contribution to the development and improvement of medical services in the local community.