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Department of Family Medicine

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 Department of Family Medicine was established in 2007 as an endowed chair of Kochi Prefecture. We are subjected to efforts to train family physicians in remote areas. In undergraduate education, we have been held "kateii-dojo" twice a year. This is an extra-curricular training to learn the family medicine in remote areas. In postgraduate education, we operate a program for family physician training. Also, we manage Tosayama Clinic to contribute to rural community. We also utilize the clinic as a field of medical education and research.

Research areas

#1. Community based medical education.
#2. Developing medical education program for family physician in remote area
#3. Contribution to medical economy of primary
#4. Medical information system in remote area


Professor: Toshihide Awatani
Associate Professor: Masahide Matsushita
Specially Appointed Associate Professor: Maki Nishimura
Kochi Medical School Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy

Kochi Medical School
Department of Family Medicine


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