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Department of Laboratory Medicine

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 Department of clinical laboratory medicine of Kochi Medical School was founded on June 28, 1989. Our department has been closely related with the Clinical Laboratory Departmant and the Department of Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy of Kochi Medical School hospital.
 Clinical laboratory medicine is an important clinical science supporting all area of clinical medicine. It provides with the objective data to clinical medicine, based on the concept of "evidence based medicine". Clinical laboratory medicine has contributed to clinical medicine with the development of novel laboratory technique and improvement of accuracy of the examination. Yet another mission of clinical laboratory medicine, as a basic science, is to reveal the mechanism of the disease using physical, chemical and biological methods.
 Recently, medical practice is carried out by medical teams. For the mdical teams, the role of clinical laboratory has become extremely important. To play an important role, clinical laboratory medicine should have a close relation with clinical medicine by providing appropriate clinical data.

Research areas

 The aim of our department is to reveal pathological condition of patients, by utilizing all available information. To reach this aim, we have been cooperating with the Clinical Laboratory Departmant and the Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy Department. Clinical laboratory medicine is an extremely practical medicine, working on wide area from clinical medicine to basic science such as molecular biology, information engineering, or medical economics.
  We have been working with many groups in and out of our university, by taking advantage of the characteristic of our department. We especially concentrate our effort on the studies that can give a positive feedback to clinicians. In other words, the main aim of our study is patient-oriented researches in various aspects.
  We are always making effort to focus on advanced researches, so that we can provide more effective data for patients.


Professor: Yoshihisa Matsumura
Assistant Professor: Jun Imamura
Assistant Professor: Hiroaki Takeuchi
Assistant Lecturer: Mikio Kamioka
Assistant Lecturer: Mizuho Okazaki
Kochi Medical School Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy

Kochi Medical School
Department of Laboratory Medicine


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