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Department of Radiology

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 The Department of Radiology at Kochi University Medical School was established in 1980. Our field includes diagnostic and interventional radiology as well as, radiation oncology.

Research areas

 Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
 Radiation Oncology


Professor: Takuji Yamagami
Associate Professor: Shinji Kariya
Associate Professor: Hiroki Minamiguchi
Assistant Professor: Yoriko Murata
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor: Kana Kobayashi
Assistant Lecturer: Tomoaki Yamanishi
Assistant Lecturer: Michiko Tadokoro
Assistant Lecturer: Kana Miyatake
Assistant Lecturer: Rika Yoshimatsu
Assistant Lecturer: Hitomi Iwasa
Specially Appointed Assistant Lecturer: Kenji kajiwara
Kochi Medical School Department of Radiology

Kochi Medical School
Department of Radiology


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