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Cardiovascular Surgery
 In clinical practice, we have covered the entire genre of cardiovascular diseases and are currently challenging to achieve more secure and safe treatments even for super-elderly patients, who are common in our region.
 A number of clinical problems encountered in clinical practice are targeted our research activities. Clinical-oriented investigation as well as innovation for new devices or methods are included. For this purpose, we are now collaborating with colleagues in the Kochi University of Technology.

General Thoracic Surgery
 A thoracic surgeon certified by Japanese board of thoracic surgery directs the general thoracic surgery program. In clinical practice, we regularly perform minimally invasive thoracic surgeries such as complete video-assisted lobectomy and segmentectomy, for surgical treatment of lung cancer to minimize the invasiveness of surgical treatment.
 Also, no limited in the surgical treatment, our team have been challenging to improve the multidisciplinary treatment of thoracic malignant disease. For increasing the accuracy of preoperative state of thoracic malignancies, we have been actively introduced EBUS-TBNA (endobronchial ultrasonography guided transbronchial needle aspiration biopsy) to take pathological sample from middle mediastinum with minimally invasive procedure. We also utilize EUS (endoscopic ultrasonography) to evaluate the invasion of thoracic malignancy to the great vessels such as discending aorta (T4 disease). Through these approaches we intend to commit to an accurate diagnosis of thoracic malignancy such as lung cancer.
 For increasing the multidisciplinary therapy of lung cancer, we perform CD-DST (collagen droplet embedded drug sensitivity test) in-vitro drug sensitivity test since 2007 for the most of patients who take the surgical resection of malignancy, in order to predict the clinical response of cytotoxic chemotherapeutic drugs which to be used in the adjuvant chemotherapy after surgery. We have reported the adjuvant chemotherapy designed on CD-DST basis exhibited longer disease free survival than that of conventional chemotherapy.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
 In clinical practice, we perform treatments of diseases in the entire genre of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Characteristically in Kochi prefecture, we face the serious concerns of rapid aging and very low birthrate. Therefore, the main targets of our team are peripheral arterial disease and reconstruction after surgical resection of malignant neoplasm using microsurgical technique. In the category of reconstructive surgery, we have a number of cases in head, neck, breast and skin cancer.

Research areas

Cardiovascular Surgery

  • Development of 3D echo-guided cardiac surgery
    (Center for Innovative and Translational Medicine)
  • Development of new cardioplegia cannula
  • Assessment of grafts and tissue perfusion by ICG-graphy and ultrasonography
  • Application of transesophageal echo to safety net in cardiovascular surgery
  • Development of innovative coverage device for shaggy aorta

General Thoracic Sugery

  • Minimally invasive thoracic surgery
  • Projection mapping image-guided thoracic surgery
  • ICG near infra-red fluorescence labeled video-assisted resection of small-sized pulmonary nodules.
  • ICG fluorescence visualized segmentectomy
  • Development of new technology for interventional pulmonology
  • Personalized chemotherapy enabled by in-vitro drug sensitivity test

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

  • Wound management of peripheral arterial disease in lower extremity
  • Assessment of intra- and post-operative blood flow of free tissue transfer
  • ICG near infra-red fluorescence angiography
  • Regional oxygen saturation in free flap
  • Reconstruction of deep sternal wound infection


Professor: Kazumasa Orihashi, MD, PhD
Associate Professor: Hideaki Nishimori, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor: Takashi Anayama, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor: Motone Kuriyama MD, PhD
Assistant Lecturer: Takashi Fukutomi, MD
Assistant Lecturer: Nobuyuki Hirose, MD, PhD
Assistant Lecturer: Masaki Yamamoto, MD, PhD
Assistant Lecturer: Hironobu Okada, MD, PhD
Assistant Lecturer: Yukitaka Yoshida, MD
Assistant Lecturer:Kentaro Hirohashi, MD, PhD
Specially Appointed Assistant Lecturer:Kazuki Kihara, MD
Specially Appointed Assistant Lecturer:Akiko Yano,MD
Kochi Medical School Department of Surgery Ⅱ

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Department of Surgery Ⅱ


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