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Department of Urology

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 Our department conducts basic research, mainly focusing on genitourinary tumor and urinary tract infection. Our main theme being as described below, we have research meetings twice a year. We report the results at domestic or international scientific meetings, and also publish our findings in academic journals.

Research areas

We have three research groups as follows;

【Cancer Biology Group】Our goal is to determine the mechanisms underlying invasion and metastasis based on angiogenesis, and to develop molecular target therapy in urothelial cancer.

【Genomic Analysis Group】Our goal is to explore the responsible gene of prostate cancer by genome-wide analysis using microarray or CGH method.

【Molecular Biology Group】We do functional analysis of VHL gene, which is the tumor suppressor gene for kidney cancer.


Professor: Keiji Inoue
Associate Professor(Department of Operating Room Management):Ichiro Yamasaki
Associate Professor: Takashi Karashima
Assistant Professor: Shingo Ashida
Assistant Lecturer: Hirofumi Satake
Assistant Lecturer: Kenji Tamura
Assistant Lecturer: Satoshi Fukata
Assistant Lecturer: Hideo Fukuhara
Specially Appointed Assistant Lecturer:Takahira Kuno
Assistant Lecturer: Hiroto Osakabe
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Department of Urology