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Department of Ophthalmology

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 Our research focus is to investigate how ocular inflammatory diseases develop and how to treat these disorders. For this purpose, we have developed various animal models of allergic conjunctivitis and uveitis. Additionally, we have a variety of in vitro skills. Currently, our focus moved to develop clinically available medicines and devices for ocular inflammatory diseases.

Research areas

・Analysis of developing mechanisms of allergic conjunctivitis
・Analysis of developing mechanisms of uveitis
・Phage therapy for ocular infection
・Oral tolerance for allergic conjunctivitis
・Development of software to analyze conjunctival hyperemia


Professor: Atsuki FUKUSHIMA, MD, PhD
Associate Professor: Ken FUKUDA, MD, PhD
Lecturer: Shigeru KISHI, MD
Assistant Professor: Eriko MATSUSHITA, MD
Assistant Professor: Tamaki SUMI, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor: Takashi NISHIUCHI, MD
Assistant Professor: Kentaro TADA, MD
Assistant Professor: Asami NAKAHIRA, MD
Kochi Medical School Department of Ophthalmology

Kochi Medical School
Department of Ophthalmology


Tel: +81-88-880-2391