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Our teaching methodology

We prepare our graduate students to become researchers.
Our teaching methodology is as follows:

Students learn to think on their own
to create a path for their research topics.

In most cases, there is no limit to the topic of your research and you are free to choose whatever you want. Within the unlimited potential of topics, it is important to think of what you are interested in and what issues it is related to. This can be difficult to do but with training, you can learn to avoid rashly choosing research topics and find relevant topics while still choosing a topic of your interest.

Learn from your experiments.

In research, moving your hands is important.
Though it’s important to think thoroughly, no progress can be made from just thinking. You can’t tell whether or not your idea was correct until you ask a living creature. Therefore, research requires you to ask. Mistakes are expected to be made in research so do not fear them and learn from your errors so you can move on to the next step.

Learn to express yourself.

Progress in research can only be made once you’ve put your all into it. But oftentimes, progress can also be made with the help of other people. What one can do is limited but the collective efforts of a research lab can help to clear things up and, if needed, can provide additional assistance or insight. At our research lab, we proactively use progress reports (research presentations) and though it may be difficult at the beginning, you will learn to actively contribute to discussion topics.
One of the interesting things about research is that science is a universal language and can be shared with researchers from around the globe. Therefore, we make communication key, asking students to share their research in front of a variety of people and build their understanding and communication skills by having others understand their research. National and international research presentations become important opportunities and we ask our students to join.

Expressing the joy of research

The joy of research and sense of accomplishment can only be felt after overcoming the numerous mistakes and difficulties. We welcome you to experience the joy of leading the world of science into the future.

Departmental and Graduate Studies Education

In our medical school program, we focus on courses and self-study, as well as Problem-Based Learning in the areas of physiology (especially neurophysiology such as higher level brain function, motor, sensory, and the autonomic nervous system), the endocrine system, the reproductive system and the gastrointestinal system. We put our efforts into teaching students to understand the basics of how our bodies work and solving the medical illnesses that arise in different patients.

In our graduate school program, we focus mainly on physiology and neuroscience, research actively, and teach students to be aware of the unlimited potential of mysteries that have yet to be discovered.