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Recruitment Information

We always welcome potential graduate students. Using rodents, we focus on nervous system research and welcome those from all backgrounds regardless of research experience. We also welcome those with zero research experience. If you have the interest and will, we welcome you with open arms. We accept those studying for their medical course (doctoral degree) or medical sciences course (master’s degree). There is also a special course available for working individuals through our school’s “working students special selection course.”

For more information on admissions and entrance exams, please visit http://www.kochi-ms.ac.jp/~of_admss/index.html (Please be advised, all information is in Japanese. If you require English assistance, please contact our lab from the e-mail address listed below)

Undergraduate students are also welcome. Even if you do not have plans on becoming a researcher in the future, experiencing the research environment will be a crucial experience. You will have a better understanding of the foundational basics in an age when foundational research is directly being applied in medicine and is sure to become a valuable asset later on. Feel free to stop by the lab for more information.

If you would like more information on our research,
feel free to contact Professor Yamaguchi:
E-mail:yamaguchi►kochi-u.ac.jp(change the ► to @)
Tel: 088-880-2305